Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stumbling drunk - WIP Wednesday

My Rainbow Road table runner

I have designated this as Curves Class week.  I started Monday and I am putting aside other projects and only working on stuff from my Curves Class.

My first 2 curve projects didn't go extremely well.  Nothing laid flat, and there was a bunch of fullness in my curves. I am trying to learn to piece curves without using pins, but it seems my machine has other ideas.  For a while now, I have noticed that it likes to feed the bottom fabric through a touch faster than the top fabric.  For most piecing, this isn't a huge problem.  But any long pieces or rows have needed to be pinned.  Evidently curves of any length also fall into this category.  Yes, I have tried my walking foot, but it is still an issue.

The picture above is my version of Rachel's "Rainbow Road" table runner.  I used a bunch of scraps left over from my Discontinuity 2 top (because I am DONE with that design for a while).  Rainbow Road is a lesson in improvisational curves.  As you can probably tell, mine didn't come together brilliantly, but it is good enough for now.  Probably after a washing, I won't notice all those little gathering spots, or the fact that some parts just aren't very flat.  Practice makes perfect, and I definitely need more practice on this method.

Next up - Drunkard's Path.  You can't have a curves class without a drunkard's path project, right?  I have done them in the past, but always pinned them for more accuracy.  Rachel encouraged us to go pinless, and her block allows for plenty of trimming up to size afterwards.  I still had some issues, but all in all, my blocks came out alright.  I'm not sure if I saved any time by not pinning because I was sewing so slowly to make sure my edges lined up that I am pretty sure all time saving was lost.  Here are my first few blocks - destined to become a double sided potholder when completed.

Drunkard's Path WIP

I thought making a few more potholders and practicing the pinless DP blocks was a great idea, so I whipped out a Summersville charm pack I wasn't using and cut some coordinating solids.  Somehow, I ended up with 40 blocks.  Yikes!  Talk about stumbling down the path, drunk!

Summersville DP

Now, I am second guessing myself.  With that many blocks, I could probably figure out a configuration for a crib quilt top -- or do I just want 5 potholders for friends?

Drunkard's Path 1


Drunkard's Path 2

The possibilities are endless!

Drunkard's Path 3

This Wednesday...

Completed Projects:
  • 2 Star of Africa bee blocks, here 
  • Discontinuity Quilt - The demon quilt is done!  Here
  • Rainbow Road table runner from curves class

On-going Projects:

AKA - "stuff I plan to touch this week or next".
  • Bee Blocks & BOM blocks - Skill Builder BOM blocks (now 2 months), Make it Modern bee blocks, We Bee Learning blocks, and March Lucky Star.
  • Star of Africa Bee - Caught up, but February is due 3/15
  • Curves Class goodies - catch up in progress
  • Les Amis Baby quilt - quilting in progress, but I have put this aside for the moment
  • Baby quilt in blue - fabrics chosen.  Must decide on a design soon.
  • Discontinuity 2 - top is complete using the log cabin method.

Back Burner:

These will likely be touched in a couple of weeks - I know I've been saying that for more than a couple of weeks.
This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1 quilt, 2 blocks, 1 other project
New projects - 1
Currently in Progress - 5 +

Don't forget to link up any blocks you have been working on to the Building Blocks Tuesday post!

And as always, thanks for reading,


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  1. Looks like lots of fun. I'll have to try that block one day.

  2. I like the second layout you used for your Drunkard's Path blocks Jen, they look like the beginnings of a quilt to me!

  3. I love your drunkards path blocks - looks like you've got it sussed!

  4. stopped over from WIP - love all the curves!

  5. Your rainbow runner really caught my eye. I like the colors and composition. Curves can be tricky. I haven't done that many myself. I think it's just a matter of practice.

  6. I am so impressed by your curves. I am terrified of curves, but you trying is inspiring.

  7. For some reason google wasn't showing the pictures when I first read this. Then I refreshed the page and I was amazed to see all these great curves! You're being way to hard on yourself :)


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