Friday, March 15, 2013

Curves class - finishes to date

I thought I would be much more productive this week, but life happens.  Here are some of the projects I completed in the last few weeks, focusing on projects from my Curves Class from Rachel at Stitched in Color.  If you remember, curves projects were my goal for the New FO Challenge for March.  In the end, I could only devote so much time them, but they were fun!

I made this cute clamshell journal cover.  Appliqueing the clamshells was pretty easy.  It almost felt like cheating.

Clamshell journal cover

I tried some scallops at the top of my heart here.  They came out so puffy that I had to add 2 extra pieces of batting to fill the heart.

For my Valentine

Then I tried my hand at improvisational curves with this table runner.  They did not go very smoothly.  I will need to practice them a bit more.

My Rainbow Road table runner

Summersville DP

I also did a whole stack of Drunkard's Path blocks, but only 8 of them ended up in this finished double-sided potholder - which I was about to send to Tina at Holy Scrap! until her recent blogpost about having an abundance of hot pads (don't worry, Tina, you got something else instead).

drunkard's path pot holderdrunkard's path pot holder

I also went back to improv curves with these droplet journal covers, but this time I practiced accounting for seam allowances (does that mean it wasn't really improv if I "planned" the seam allowances?).  These seams laid much flatter and I was pleased with how they turned out.

droplet journal covers

Yesterday, I was all set to sit down and tackle this gorgeous wheel quilt.  I wanted to do it rainbow style, just like Rachel's, but unbelievably I came to realize that I don't have enough scraps!  Whole colors were absent from my scrap bin.  You can't have a proper rainbow with out green and orange!  I am determined to use scraps for this instead of cutting into yardage.  So, I decided to wait and put off this particular quilt until a little later when I have more scraps to work with.

Unfortunately, Curves Week must come to an end (for now).  I have quilts that need quilting and bee blocks that need making!  Hey, those should generate some more scraps.

A pleasant byproduct of my wasted time yesterday, is that I sorted most of my scraps!  That's one New Year's resolution that is nearly done!  Only an handful or so left to go.

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  1. These are all wonderful curvy projects! I especially love the clamshells and droplets :)

  2. Did you FMQ all that writing on the heart? AMAZING!!! Great curves projects! I still want to do the rain drop quilt but have set aside my curves projects for the moment too :) I did finish the colour wheel though and it is one of my all time favourite quilts, I just posted it off as a gift yesterday :)

  3. So much inspiration! Love all your projects :)

  4. wow, that is a lot of great curves work! thanks for linking up to TGIFF :)

  5. fun! Thanks for the great photo/fab inspirations!


  6. Wish my week had been as unproductive as you seem to think yours was :). I think I managed to make one pillow cover and that was it. Your items look wonderful!

  7. Your curves amaze me! I still haven't done much improv curve piecing but I've gotten much better at sewing curves without pins. And apparently, accounting for seam allowance is kinda important. One of our guild members gave a talk on curves and said sometimes, just cutting straight for the first bit on an improv curve, and calling it seam allowance goes a long way towards a neater piece.

  8. That cute clamshell journal - I love it thanks Jen!

  9. So fun to see so many finishes in one place! You've done a lot of great work. The droplet journals really show off how much you've learned!


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