Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Now spinning the right way - WIP Wednesday

Thanks to a couple of sick kids and a disaster of a house, I have nothing new to show you this week and made little progress from last week's list.  HOWEVER, I have made progress on some of my general quilty goals for the year!

I finally made it to a meeting of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild earlier in the month.  I had pretty high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed.  First, there must have been at least 65 people there that night - standing room only!  It was fun to see so many diverse people in the room, and learning that there quilt styles were just as diverse was wonderful.  I also got to see them wrap up / show the final projects from the Madrona Road Challenge.  People made all sorts of beautiful stuff.  From mug rugs, to full size bed-quilts, bags, pillows, even a laminated mat to go under the kid's car seat to protect your upholstery.  So many creative patterns and uses for that line of fabric.  It was very inspirational.  I also heard from several members that attended QuiltCon and their take on the experience.  It made me really want to go to the next QuiltCon!  I hope I can make it back to another meeting soon to see what else is new.

I also started to organize my scraps.  No more overflowing brown paper bags.  I say "started" because even though I now have them organized by color, I was hoping to pull out lower quality fabrics for Ashley, and cut them to useful sizes for her.  I have only gotten as far as sorting them by color - but it is a start!

Also!  A couple of Friday's ago, I took a tour of RJR Fabrics!  My Dear Husband set this up - isn't he the best?  It turns out, their facility is right around the corner from me.  I am still writing up my post about the experience, but I hope you check back on Friday to hear about the best blind date EVER!

This Wednesday...

Completed Projects:
  • Bee Blocks - We Bee Learning blocks - done and redone (now spinning the right way), Make it Modern blocks - all done, March Lucky Star block - done!
  • Now spinning the right way

On-going Projects:

AKA - "stuff I plan to touch this week or next".
  • Bee Blocks & BOM blocks - Skill Builder BOM blocks (now 2 months worth), April's Simply Solids stuff came in the mail this week too.  And do I dare start the Forest QAL?  It looks so fun.
  • Star of Africa Bee - February's block still needs to be done, and we just found out the March theme
  • Curves Class goodies - catch up in progress, but on hold for now
  • Les Amis Baby quilt - quilting in progress, was put aside for curves week, but it is time to get going on the quilting.
  • Baby quilt in blue - fabrics chosen.  Must decide on a design soon.  I would like to do a interlocking square type pattern, but simple chevrons might be more appreciated by the mom.
  • Discontinuity 2 - top is complete using the log cabin method.
  • April Showers Mug Rug - Started!
  • Easter baskets - I want to make a few of Noodlehead's Divided baskets for the girls' goodies, but I am not sure I will have time.

Back Burner:

These will likely be touched in a couple of weeks - I know I've been saying that for more than a couple of weeks.
  • Handstitched Medallion Quilt - quilting in progress.  This is the project I pull out whenever we go up to the mountains for the weekend.  I usually only get a few threads more done, but it is a nice project to do in front of the fireplace while the girls are watching movies.
  • Beginner Quilt Along at Quilting Gallery - PROGRESS!  I have put the sashing on!  Hey, it is something in the right direction.
  • Charity quilt for the guild - not started.   
This week's stats:
Completed projects - just blocks
New projects - 0
Currently in Progress - 8 +

Don't forget to link up any blocks you have been working on to the Building Blocks Tuesday post!

And as always, thanks for reading,


Quilter in the Closet

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