Friday, March 1, 2013

March Fresh Sewing Day

I frequently get mixed up, calling this "March" Fresh Sewing Day, when it is February's projects.  My mind wants to correlate the word "fresh" with the month ahead but then I am looking at old stuff.  Silly rabbit!

February mosaic

1. February Lucky Star BOM, 2. Blue OBW w/seagull, 3. Simply Solids - February, 4. Make it Modern for Renae, 5. Simply Solids March, 6. For my Valentine, 7. Discontinuity 1, 8. Feb. Make it Modern bee block for Kelleigh, 9. clamshells WIP

So there is February's mosaic.  Not too shabby!  A bunch of bee blocks, but a couple finished quilts too!  And I did finish up that clamshell project, I just haven't taken a pic yet.  I am already looking at the month ahead though.

And since you have already seen pictures of all those projects already.  Here are a few pics you haven't seen:

My 3 angels

My 3 angels at the wedding last weekend.

Lizzy the Ham

Clearly, Lizzy is the ham of the family!

I hope you will come back on Sunday to see some more cool quilts from the Road to California Quilt show, and again on Tuesday for Building Blocks Tuesday.  I just finished up the stitching on, not one, but 2, blocks for my Star of Africa bee.

Any quilty plans for the weekend?

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  1. I love Discontinuity, and I am not a fan of purple :) Very cool. Here from Fresh Sewing Day.

  2. OMgosh your girls look adorable. What fun, and what an accomplishment to get them all three dressed and fancy at the same time. Kudos to you. Thank you for posting, I know this is a quilting blog, but it is photos like this that keeps everything real. Life, children, that is real, quilting fills in the cracks.

  3. You've reminded me of things I've got to get cracking on… Love your solids bee blocks! You made some exceptionally pretty things this Feb.

  4. Fab Mosaic - you've a great month of sewing and your girls are adorable :)


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