Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (6) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

This year at Road, there were a bunch of Modern Quilts.   I just love them.  They may not necessarily be simple to make, but unlike many of the quilts in the show, when I look at these, I can actually say "Hey, I think I could do something similar".  They are attainable.  Of course, I haven't really tried, so maybe they are extremely difficult.  But no matter, at least when I look at them, they FEEL attainable.  Power of perception!

This one is called "Convergence" by Annette Guerrero of Pasadena, CA.

"Convergence" by Annette Guerrero of Pasadena, CA

I love the bold colors and sharp angles that are accentuated by the straight line quilting.

Here is another quilt by Annette Guerrero of Pasadena, CA called "Iris".

"Iris" by Annette Guerrero of Pasadena, CA

This one makes me think all those improv blocks I have been doing for bee mates will come together wonderfully in their projects.

If you like Annette Guerrero's work, she has a great portfolio of pictures on her website.

There were also several quilts from the "We Love Color" book, as several of the faculty had either designed the quilts or done the quilting, but gosh darn it if I didn't have my camera with me when I went through that part of the exhibit.

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  1. That top one is amazing! Thanks so much for these posts Jen, so much eye candy!

  2. I can see the attraction of those quilts Jen, but I am not sure that I would know what to do with them!


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