Thursday, January 3, 2013

FO challenges, HO!

If I could sum up my New Years Resolutions into a few words, they would be "Just keep it up"!

When making my quilty resolutions for 2013, they seemed to fall into 3 different categories: general intentions, UFO busting, and NewFO's I want to make.

The general category:
  • get your scrap organized! - I am pretty comfortable about how I have my yardage organized, but my scraps are literally stuffed into a couple brown paper grocery bags.  Terrible, I know!  They really need to be organized by quality (I plan to use the low quality fabric for Ashley to practice on), size, color, etc.
  • Continue practicing Free Motion Quilting - there is ample opportunity for this as I hope to do at least 2 Quilt As You Go projects!
  • Continue having fun in blogland - I have committed myself heavily for the first few months, but then things ease up a bit.
  • Actually attend a LA Modern Quilt Guild meeting - the group meets on Monday nights about an hour away and it is pretty difficult to tear myself away from the carpool, but I think I should do it at least once to see what I've been missing.
UFO Busting:
  • I've made a new page of the "Master List" of UFO's for me to work from.  These are projects are in some state of "started", and I want to return to.  I've given away several and even trashed a few from prior lists.
  • The first UFO from the list that I am going to tackle is the Blue One Block Wonder quilt.  The top is done.  It needs to be backed and quilted with a simple design.  I plan on donating it when done.  Yes, I am totally taking an easy one for the first month!Blue one block wonder top
  • Also this quarter, I hope to finish up my Beginner QAL quilt and How Far Will You Go? quilt (obviously, I didn't get as far as I hoped on this one).

  • Time to use up all those fabric scraps I've been saving and make quilts for the girls.  These scraps are taking up important "new fabric" space, so they have to go!  This is the NewFO, I plan on working on this month.
  • Swoon quilt - I bought the pattern a year ago, and probably enough fabric to make 10 of them.  I just have to begin.
  • 2 baby quilts for friends who are expecting soon
  • A quilt for my own (king sized) bed.  Now that I have a few little things for myself, it is time I have a quilt for my own bed!  I have the pattern picked out, and some fabrics purchased.  Time to begin!
  • Weekender bag - this one looks tough!  But I bought the pattern, so..??
  • Then there are the bees and BOM's I've joined: the Make it Modern Bee, Simply Solids Bee, We Be Learning Bee, the Skill Builder BOM, and the Lucky Star BOM.  I am also continuing with the Star of Africa Bee, because I love those ladies so much!
  • More to come, no doubt!
So then, how do I plan on accomplishing these items?  With the help of blogland, of course!

For the NewFO's, I might as well join along with Cat Patches' New FO Challenge, and see how it goes.

A kind soul asked, "why link up with these "parties" at all"?  Well, if you are new to blogging, they are an excellent way to increase the traffic to your blog and show off your work to others in the net-community.  Now, I have stopped being concerned with "traffic" per se, but I love meeting new friends!  And I've been lucky enough to meet some great ones by them finding me via linky parties.  Who knows who I will meet next, right?


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  1. You crack me up! I also have the swoon pattern and enough fabric to make 10 of them:). Your goals sound great!

  2. You certainly have a lot of plans. I like your blue quilt, and think whoever receives it will be very lucky!

  3. I'm completely in love with your one-block wonder! Adding one of those to my list….

  4. Oh same! It's gorgeous! Great list Jen.

  5. I'm completely with you on the scrap organization! Mine is a disaster too! Are you really doing a Weekender! I want to make one, but keep talking myself out of it,LOL. At least I don't have the pattern taunting me!

  6. My comments will duplicate Patti's. I am so with you and the scrap organization, thought about it many times, but just need to set aside some time and actually sort through them. And, the weekender bag has been on my list for a long time. I love it. I have made other patterns by Amy, and they go together so smartly, and look so professional.

  7. That is a list and a half Jen! Good luck with all your projects, I am awed by the amount of Bees and BOMs you are in, I struggle to keep up with mine and I don't have anywhere near as many as you :)

  8. Crikey, you're going to be really busy this year.

    Love the one block wonder to explore, I'd never heard of it before,

    Fiona x

  9. I love your one block wonder! You've got a busy year ahead :)

  10. Good luck with the good intentions! I love the BOBW quilt, such soothing colours, make sure you enjoy it all- don't let anything become a chore!

  11. There I was thinking five bees are too many ....but I'm thinking more focus would help! Here's to getting to the end of our lists!? Go for it Jen


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