Monday, January 7, 2013

Goal setting - the Finish Along quarterly report

Bear with me as I reveal one more list to start the New Year.  The 2013 Finish Along at She Can Quilt. is a quarterly to-do list, so here is what I hope to accomplish in the next 3 months:
  • I've already designated the first UFO that I am going to tackle in January as the Blue One Block Wonder quilt.  
  • Blue one block wonder top
  • Also this quarter, I hope to finish up my Beginner QAL quilt and How Far Will You Go? quilt (obviously, I didn't get as far as I hoped on this one).
  • Time to use up all those clothing fabric scraps I've been saving and make quilts for the girls.  These scraps are taking up important "new fabric" space, so they have to go!  This is the NewFO, I planned to start in January; however, I was reminded that I need to make....
  • 2 baby quilts for friends who are expecting soon.  Like really soon.  So I better get working on them too.
  • I have 4 Star of Africa Blocks to do already, plus another 2 from later in the quarter.
  • I'll have 3 Skill Builder BOM blocks to do
  • 4 Lucky Star BOM blocks to do
  • 2 blocks each month, for a total of 6 blocks for the We Be Learning Bee - I've already started on January's blocks.
  • 2 blocks each month, for a total of 4 blocks for the Simply Solids Bee (it starts in February)
  • 2 blocks each month, for a total of 6 blocks for the Make it Modern Bee
  • Winter Mug Rug for a Swap I signed up for - this one is already in progress as it is due soon.
Whew!  I am tired just typing about it.


she can quilt


  1. ...and I feel exhausted just reading your long list! Good luck with all those blocks and quilts!!!

  2. You are very ambitious. I'm also a new quilter. I started this time last year.

  3. Gosh Jen, doesn't look like you will be moving from your sewing machine anytime soon!

  4. Wow! That is one ambitious list you have there. Good luck! :-)

  5. Wow Jen, you'll be a busy, busy lady! Best of luck :o)

  6. I am sure looking forward to seeing how you do with that Blue One Block Wonder quilt, it is wonderful. Thank you for joining the finish along.


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