Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Late, but not forgotten - WIP Wednesday

Whew!  The Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop sure was fun!  So many beautiful and inspirational blocks!  I wish I could try them all out.

Even though I should have been working on my paper piecing blocks for the 3 x 6 bee, I selfishly spent some time putting together my top for the Vintage Holiday QAL.  You will have to pardon my photo.  I was only home for about 15 minutes today, and the sun was already setting.  Tomorrow calls for rain, so it was my only chance!  Speaking of, what is it about holiday fabrics that look so busy?  Ah well, I am sure once it is quilted, I will love it more.

This Wednesday......

Completed Projects:

On-going Projects:

AKA - stuff I plan to touch this week.
  • Vintage Holiday Quilt Along - top done.  Now to sandwich and quilt.
  • Totally Groovy Quilt Along - piecing in progress, actually made some progress too! I would guess the top is about 1/3 done.
  • 6 more Bee Blocks - paper piecing in progress.
  • Sashiko coasters - I now have 6 tops done, but one still might need to be redone.  I just need to sew on the backs and they are done!  Wait, what? something might get done?
  • Leaf Table runner - I have to do something with those blocks!

Back Burner:

These projects are part of my 100 Day Hustle List also, but will likely be touched in a couple of weeks.
  • Batik Stripe Quilt - still sandwiched and ready to be quilted!  I moved this one up because it is part of  my 100 Day Hustle list.
  • Star of Africa Bee - September's block, and now October's block
  • Preschool Pillowcases
  • How Far Will You Go? QAL - Putting this one aside until my blocks for the bees are done.  But I would like to at least catch up with the blocks here and there as not to get too far behind.  This one is scheduled to be completed after the 100 Day Hustle, but I'll never finish it then if I don't keep up somewhat.
The Back, Back Burner:

Lightning would have to strike twice.
  • Handstitched goodies - several projects in limbo.  
  • Beginner Quilt Along at Quilting Gallery - top needs to be put together 
  • Red, White, Blue New York Beauty - piecing in progress, but put well out of the way.  I need to be in a paper-piecing mood to resume.
  • EPP project - in progress.
  • Charity quilt for the guild - not started

This week's stats:
Completed projects - just blocks, blocks and more blocks
New projects - 1
Currently in Progress - 5-ish

Don't forget to link up any blocks you have been working on to yesterday's post!  The linky stays open for a whole week, so feel free to add them as you complete or wait for next Tuesday (or both)!

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  1. I love your Vintage Holiday quilt. I have all my stuff but haven't started yet....trying to plow through the UFO's first!! Great job!

  2. Love the baubles! Well done for getting one off the U.fO list!

    1. *nearly* off (spell check just ate the word I think!)

  3. Know what you mean about having to be in the mood for paper piecing! Love how you have graded your lists :)

  4. Cute quilt top! I think you'll love it once it's quilted. I agree with the busy (and why always novelty) holiday fabrics feelings.

  5. Cute holiday quilt top. You are making a lot of progress on you extensive list, I am impressed.

  6. Your holiday quilt looks great! I love your description of '5-ish' in progress :)

  7. Love your holiday quilt! I have seen a few of these now & would love to do these as place mats! Great job!

  8. Beautiful quilt!! Another one that's on my list to make!


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