Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Blind leading the Seeing

Sorry, no post yesterday.  I had quite a busy day!  No sewing, unfortunately.  I spent a solid chunk of time teaching 3rd graders an art project.  Due to budget cuts, etc., many of the local schools have taken formal art classes out of the curriculum.  In our district there is a non-profit group that with the help of parent volunteers teaches each class 6 projects throughout the school year.  Even though I am absolutely not good with any of the mediums they use, I volunteered to teach my daughter's kindergarten class and a 3rd grade class that had no parent volunteer.  Yesterday's project was a watercolor landscape.  My own attempt at least resembled a landscape!  Thus, the blind leading the seeing.  Some of these students are truly exceptional artists. It is a great experience working with them.

I also managed to swing by my local Viking dealer to order an open toed free motion foot for my machine.  I have been getting by just fine with my darning foot, but the open toe was on the supply list for one of the classes I am taking in only 12 short days!!!  I figured it was important to be properly prepared!  I only hope it comes quickly enough for me to get to play with it a little before my class.

I cannot emphasis how excited I am to be going to the quilt show.  My 3 year old has been driving me nuts the last few weeks, and I am ready for a couple days break!!!

I also popped into Joann's just to check their Batik selection to see if any of them would fill my need for the tile quilt.  I bought a couple of fabrics to try, but I haven't had a chance to audition them yet.  Perhaps tonight after the kids go to bed.

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  1. Kudos to you for volunteering for the kids! (Next time, photos, please of their creations--- and/or yours (unless its not allowed). You are very ambitious to lead a class!! I help out with my kids' classes for special occasions, but I haven't taught a whole lesson (although you indicate that they "taught" you-- I do love how free and uninhibited they are when they're young with creating) I started a quilting class today and I'm so excited-- it was so much fun!! I got away from "Mommy brain" for a while. I look forward to hearing about yours!


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