Saturday, January 21, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, well almost

I drove down to Orange County today to pick up a new foot pedal for my machine, so I should be able to resume sewing on Monday. Yeah!

Until then I thought I would just post a few pics of some of the fabric I picked up at the show.  Since both of my local quilt shops have closed, I am pretty much limited to Joann's or online purchases.  The quilt show gave me a shopping opportunity I couldn't resist. And resist, I did not!

Here's one group of fabrics, and no, I don't have specific plans for them yet, I just like them...

And I can't wait to create something with this..I absolutely love it!

And I can't remember which blog it was that must have put this into my head.  I think it was one of my Australian reads, but she was writing about how gray has come back into fashion, and I found myself gray-happy....

My friend that was with me probably thought I was nuts!  All I would look at was gray.  I think I will be pairing it with aqua or pink or maybe even a light blue.  And I think it is about time I try to make a more modern looking something-or-other.  So once I get a few projects off my table this week, I might just dive into these!

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  1. Wonderful fabrics!! Your Road to California sounds quite amazing all around!


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