Friday, February 1, 2013

February Fresh Sewing Day!

February already?

January 2013 mosaic
1. MMB January block 1, 2. MMB January Block 2, 3. Winter Mug Rug Swap, 4. HFWYG quilt top 1.2, 5. January Lucky Star BOM, 6. 4 strings together, 7. Star of Africa block, 8. We Bee Learning Jan. block, 9. Lucky Stars BOM practice block

It looks like I've mainly been doing blocks - Yep, lots of blocks.  That's OK, they will, in time, become something else, right?

I also have a couple near finishes, so it looks like I am in a good spot to begin February!  I resolve to have more finished projects next month - I'll post more on that tomorrow!

Have a Super Sparkly Day!  (that was for you Esther)


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  1. Great blocks and the colors are gorgeous!

  2. I love you winter mug rug! Gorgeous!

  3. Lovely blocks, seeing we are both in the Lucky Stars! Isn't it great?

  4. Some fab finishes, I've done a lot of blocks too this month. You have some really great greys in your blocks, and some terrific stars! : )

  5. I keep telling myself the same thing about all of my BOMs :) Yours are looking great!


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