Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What was I thinking? Lent

While I am not Catholic, I did marry one and I like to support him by participating in Lent.  Which just means that we don't eat meat on Friday's and I usually give something up.  In past years I have given up alcohol, but since I rarely drink anymore it is pretty much cheating if I give up that now.  I've also given up chocolate, which was hard but not impossible.  Cheese was really difficult!  Not because I wanted it all the time, but because it is everywhere!  Anyhow, I struggled with what to give up this year. Then I realized, I should give up buying fabric.

It was a good choice from what little I know about the Lent criteria. It was something I enjoyed, a luxury, I did it often, and was definitely a hardship!  But what was I thinking?  Since making the decision to give up buying fabric, I have found myself in the cutting line at least twice (I did walk away), and have had an almost daily conversation with myself about how to justify/rationalize a purchase.  For instance, I have just started piecing together my UFO for March, and I realized that I don't have the fabric for the borders.  Now, how am I going to finish that?  And everywhere I read, I hear about that darn Flea Market Fancy fabric I've had my eye on selling out of pre-orders everywhere.  I guess I can just kiss that goodbye!  Oh, and I wanted to make the girls new Easter baskets; well, I guess I could use my stash for that.  But, but, but.....

I'm not even Catholic, but I've got the Catholic guilt thing down!


  1. Funny post but the new thing, per our parish, is to do something extra for Lent....maybe doing a quilt or walker bags for charity. Don't know if I could give up fabric!

  2. Well there is always a work a round. Did your husband or children give up buying fabric? Or how about a good friend? What if you went to a local good will and bought gently used cotton sheets, would that count as fabric? Bonnie Hunter makes fabulous quilts from second hand cotton shirts. Bravo to you for giving up something for lent. Only five more weeks to go.

  3. Isn't it crazy how fabric becomes such an obsession! Good job on saying no.


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