Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Leprechauns were harmed in the making of this trap

Here are some final pictures of our Leprechaun trap before I took it to my daughter's kindergarten class.
The view from the front

It was widely publicized that leprechauns don't obey signs

The "bait" included fake diamonds and rubies inside

Part 1 of my elaborate locking device

Full view of my "engineering"
Our trap worked!  Well, the trapping mechanism worked, we didn't actually catch a leprechaun.  I had one string going from some balloon weights to the giant paper clip to lock the door and prevent escape, and another string laid into the treasure chest.also tied to the weights.  If he opened the chest, the weights would fall, thus drawing up the lock.  I can't quite believe that it worked, but it did!

No one actually caught a leprechaun today; although, it was rumored that a few visited the classroom and left behind some gold wrapped candies for the kids.

Honestly, the best part was watching Ashley explain to the class how it worked, and show all the materials that we used to make each item in the house.  She was quite proud of how "authentic" everything was for a fairy house.  She learned the word, "authentic", a few days ago and I know has just been waiting for a chance to use it.  All the girls in the class wanted a fairy house of their own, and even a few of the boys!

I haven't just been playing around with dollhouses this week.  I have found a little time here and there to complete a few blocks for my Lincoln UFO.  I am not fond of the piecing process that the pattern calls for, but I am too far along to change it now.  I will take some pics tomorrow and post them.  The kids are all out of school tomorrow, so I doubt I will get any additional sewing done, but a few pictures shouldn't be a problem.


  1. I for one, am enchanted by this cozy abode! I could believe the little elf would be as enticed by the bright comfort of this place as by the treasure inside. We come from a line of leprechauns, you know. Just look at that Elfkin Grandma Claire!


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