Monday, February 27, 2012

So No Sew - Art with the Kids today

No sewing today.  Unfortunate, since I have so much to do by Wednesday!  But today was one of my art with the kids days.  Today, I taught the 3rd graders.  Wednesday, I get to teach the Kindergartners.  The project is based on some of the works of Gustav Klimt.  If there was ever an artist who's work was begging to be made into an art quilt, it is that guy (maybe minus the partial nudity)!  Here is the example I made at docent training:

I know it is not ready for the museum or anything, but considering how badly I draw, I am pretty proud of it.  Can you see I also tried to incorporate this month's free motion challenge feathers too?

It is a really fun project, but it has a LOT of steps.  I was a little worried that it would be a disaster with the kids, even with the 3rd graders.  But, they did a magnificent job!!!  I wish I could show you some of their work.  You will just have to wait until Wednesday, when my kid gets to complete it.  I am supposed to teach the younger kids a simplified version, but I am torn.  I think they could do the portrait.  It will be a day-of decision, no doubt.

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  1. I think this is exceptional, Jen. I love the Mother and baby theme. Where are you going to hang it?


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