Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's get down to business

Now that the peacock quilt is done and I am back from my delivery trip, I really need to get down to business on my February projects.

Most importantly, my name game quilt for my swap partner. I have an idea all scribbled out in my sketchbook, but I need to get moving on making it! First, I had to pick up "kitty" from the shop. I dropped her off for her annual maintanence before my trip since those were "no sew" days anyway. I hope she is ready to be fired up. I also need to choose some coordinating fabrics for the background and borders. Then I need to get to sewing! I really need to have it in the mail before the end of the month so it has time to reach its destination.

Realistically, I doubt I will have any time to complete anything else except maybe this month's free motion challenge. I want to be able to put some detail into my partners quilt and that takes time. So while I am not giving up hope to try to work on this month's UFO #1, I am setting my expectations low so I don't freak myself out. After all, my partner is counting on me to receive a quilt with her name on it, but no one but me was expecting that UFO to get done. Am I being logical, or wimpy?

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