Sunday, February 26, 2012

Batik Stripe UFO Progress

The back is done.  But, I'm not sure I love it.

The squares were leftovers, and the stripe fabric was actually the first one I bought to do the project.  But once I had assembled all the other coordinating stripe fabrics, this one's colors just didn't fit in.  I thought the fabric was so pretty that it would make a good backing.  Sounds logical right?  Well, now that I look at it all together I find myself having a conversation with myself going something like this:

"It sure is a pretty fabric on the bolt."
"Yes, but I'm not sure it goes with the squares."
"Well, it goes with some of the squares."
"It sure would be a waste not to use it, and you have nothing else to use it for right now."
"Hmmm, does that gold part make it look like a baby has thrown up on it??
"Oh, come on, Jen!  It is the BACK of the darn quilt!  No one is even going to see it except by accident!"

What do you guys think?

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