Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Replies to No-reply blogger - a Newbie blogger mistake.

This morning I thought it was high time to respond to some of the lovely comments I've received over the last week or so.  I love every one of those comments!  They lift my spirits, they make me feel camaraderie with other quilters, and they let me know that these posts are being received by someone in the universe.....  No, I'm not fishing for more comments, but since they do so much for me, those comments deserve a reply, right?  So, I got busy replying to a few.  I probably got 6 or 7 into it, and I realized that while they show up in my mailbox with a name attached, the replies I had just sent went to "no-reply blogger @ blogspot".  Too funny!  Some of the replies were quite lengthy!  I wonder if there is a someone who reads all the mail sent to "No-reply".  Perhaps he/she's spirits have been lifted? He/she feels camaraderie with me? or now doesn't feel so alone out there in the universe somewhere??

If you left a comment on one of my posts this week and didn't receive a response, it could be that your settings are set to "no-reply".  Please know that I appreciated your comment and hope that you will visit again.

After my emailing spree, I also managed to finish up all but 1 of the 7 mini's I needed to do today.  Tomorrow, the top SHALL BE finished!!  And I should be able to post a few more pictures without giving anything away!


  1. Hey Congratulations for winning the January FMQ Challenge.

  2. ha ha ha..I did that too in the beginning !! :-)


I LOVE comments, they make my day! Most of the time I am too distracted to respond right away, but I DO read them...always.

When I respond, I usually do it via email. Sometimes Google makes this easy and sometimes it doesn't. I usually only reply when it is easy. Just sayin.

Obviously, I can't reply to you at all if you are a no reply blogger. Also, sorry to Anonymous commentors, too much spam lately. You will have to leave a comment another way.

Have a Super Sparkly Day!