Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Free Motion Challenge

Well, it was time.  I practiced as much on paper as I could.  I did a few practice sandwiches, but today it was time to do the feathers for real.  And I can't say they look any better than when I started.  (Sorry about the picture, the kids have finally broken my camera for good, so I had to use an alternative.)

It still looks a lot more like seaweed to me than feathers.  I was really hoping that because I am no good at drawing, things would look better once sewn.  I found that to be true with the leaves from last month.  I think it has to do with a right brain/left brain thing.  Something about having my other hand involved engages the other side of my brain and "helps" things along.  Well, that theory was obviously not proven true with these darn feathers!

Hopefully, the next few months of challenges will strengthen my skills further and I can come back and revisit the feathers again.  Maybe then, they will look more like feathers!

You can still join the challenge at  Sew Cal Gal's Blog.  It really is helping me!


  1. Very nice Jen.


  2. Hello Newbie Jen,
    I think your tear drop echo feathers are lovely. Your free motion quilting stitches are even and your lines are smooth. Bravo.. well done!

  3. I really like that. It works. Well done!


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