Friday, February 10, 2012

Name game progress

It has been a few days since my last post, but I haven't been idle!  In fact, Monday turned out to be quite a productive day.  I got started on my Name Game quilt for the swap Samelia's Mum is having.  I managed to get the whole thing drawn out on paper, my background all put together, and the borders started.  Tuesday, I finished all the letters for my partner's name.  I decided to paper piece the letters of her name and in the process tried out "mini" paper piecing.  As I have said before - I don't let the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing stop me from doing something new, so I gave it a try and I LOVE IT!!  Since I am not done yet, and it is supposed to be a secret until my partner receives it, I can't post many pictures, just a few "teasers" really.


Does your name have an "N" in it?

mini heart

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the hospital with my niece, and today I'm taking my eldest to the dentist for a while, but hopefully I can get a few more mini blocks done for my border.  If I can get the top all pieced and ready by Tuesday, there is hope that the quilt will be done by the end of the month!

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