Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last Day with Mom

It's been a lovely visit, though short, and it is time to go home tomorrow.  My mom loved her quilt, and the surprise visit was a hit!  I will post pictures of her and her quilt as soon as I get home.

I also had a surprise; yesterday we were able to attend a local quilt show!  I had no idea when I planned my trip that it was going on this weekend, but how neat to see what the local scene is like!  Unfortunately, despite buying a handful of raffle tickets, I didn't win a thing.  Oh well, I guess my luck ran out just being able to attend the unexpected show.   I will write more about my observations of the show later when I have more time.

Right now I am supposed to be helping my 87 year old grandma set up her new blog!  I told her how much fun I was having doing mine and she wanted one of her own.  Grandma is a literary buff and her blog will focus on writing stories and reading interesting books, and just being creative with words.  I'm hoping she will have her first post up soon.  If you are interested.....her blog site is Tell me a story

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