Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (12) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

Every Little Bit

As promised, today's quilts feature tiny little pieces:

"Buried Treasure" by Mary K Mouton of Milledgeville, GA

This lovely quilt is called "Buried Treasure" by Mary K Mouton of Milledgeville, GA.  It is one of a series of miniature quilts she has made to explore the range and precision of her Flip-Flop Paper Piecing technique.

Sounds like a class I need to take!

This next one isn't a miniature quilt, but it does have teeny tiny pieces!  It is called "Perseverance" (with good reason) and was made by Linda Neal of McKinney, TX, quilted by Jackie Brown.  This quilt contains 10,509 half inch hexagons!!  It took 16 months to hand baste and hand piece the top.  The original pattern is called "Insanity".

"Perseverance" by Linda Neal of McKinney, TX

All I can say is that it would probably take me more than perseverance to get something like that done.  And in 16 short months?  I could see working on that for 16 years and not seeing it to fruition.  Can you imagine if she chose to hand quilt it - yikes!

border detail of "Perseverance" by Linda Neal of McKinney, TX

I know some of you are working with tiny little hexagons.  How is it going?

Next week, a few paper pieced wonders.

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  1. Gog bless the woman that did the hexie quilt ! What a daunting task....can you tell I'm not a sewer of hexie's ? I admire them, but have NO desire to sew any !

  2. OH MY WORD... Perseverance is stunning and a perfect name for that quilt. I can hardly imagine making something that huge with tiny hexies!

  3. Over 10,000 hexies - that is truly madness or genius I am not sure which!

  4. My goodness! That is absolutely amazing and the lady that made it must have the patience of a saint. It is absolutely stunning though

  5. Just how small is that miniature quilt? It looks like there are an awful lot of pieces for something miniature! The hexie quilt is amazing too - my hexie quilt won't come anywhere near 10,000 pieces, and will probably take longer than 16 months. They're both stunning. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I thought sewing was good therapy- now I'm a bit worried it leads to insanity!! My mini Hexies have sort of stagnated - I obviously need t go on holiday again to do some more work on it!!!

  7. The hexie quilt was designed by Rhonda Pierce of Australia. There is a Facebook group dedicated to her and the Insanity quilt. There's a heap of us making it. I've just started my version. But no way am I doing such small hexies


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