Friday, May 24, 2013

Jacob's Ladder - a Friday Finish

Hooray, hooray!  I have actually finished something!

Hands2Help 2013 - blue and white Jacob's Ladder

This little quilt is about 48 inches square.  I used a layer cake of Deb Strain's "Spa" fabric, plus a few squares of solids to round it out.  I quilted it quite simply - just SID and then 1/4 inch on either side of each seam.  I am sending this quilt off to Happy Chemo as my contribution for the Hands2Help 2013 charity quilt drive.

I also spent quite a bit of time this week putting together a display of the art work that Ashley's class created as part of the school's Open House event.  At the beginning of the school year, we are told which art project to hold onto for Open House.  I was disappointed that our class had to display this project, but only because it was a difficult project to complete and the students did some fabulous art in other projects throughout the year.  Here is the display:

Hands on Art open house display

The project entailed scraping a black paper (with some sort of clay surface) with engraving tools so that the white surface showed through.  It was supposed to be a night scene, but the docents got fair warning ahead of time that the supplies chosen for the project weren't easy to work with, so we allowed the kids to basically draw what they wanted.  The engraving tools were difficult to work with.  You had to scrape at a special angle to get any of the black off and then if they scraped too hard, the paper would end up with holes in it.  I teach 1st graders.  Like I said, it was a tough project.

I am so happy that this part of my volunteer job is over.  I stress so much about the display even though it was only for ONE hour.  Some of the docents really go all out, spending hundreds of dollars on supplies for their displays.  I had to remind myself several times not to get too caught up in the competition.  Still, the kids deserve to have their creations exhibited.

I have one more project to teach - a Picasso inspired painting!

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  1. The black and white pictures look stunning, well done to A and her class, and well done to mummy for the lovely blue and white creation! Xxxx

  2. Your quilt looks great and those black and white pictures look really good, although it's annoying that they couldn't use their best work. I love how you've displayed them with the tree and birds. The Picasso painting project should be fun!

  3. What an awesome quilt for H2H. I love the pattern.

  4. Great quilt! How special it will be to whoever receives it. Beautiful. The black and white artwork looks amazing, and is displayed so well. Take a deep breath, and know you did good work all around.

  5. Congrats on your finish, the quilt is lovely and will be much appreciated I am sure.

    Your display looks great too.

  6. Your quilt will bring a lot of cheer to someone, I'm sure!

    It looks like your art project was succesful - the drawings are great and the composition of them all is perfect!

  7. Jen, that quilt is just amazing!! It's going to make someone very happy!! And I love your art display - nice and creative and it displays the artwork very well. Whoop whoop!!

  8. That blue quilt is lovely and joyful!
    Good luck with Picasso... Doing the "bend noses" and " flipped eyes" ? I wish you lots of fun with the teaching!

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    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  9. Love your H2H quilt, something about blue quilts just quiets and soothes my soul. Love the drawings and the composition on that one!!

  10. Your Hands2Help quilt will surely warm someone's heart.

  11. A very classic pattern that is stunning in the blues - thank you for participating in the H2H.

  12. I love the effect of the large X through the quilt and the colors are lovely. It is going to make someone very happy!


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