Sunday, May 26, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (15) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

Alas, this quilt show must come to an end today.  I am all out of pictures.  But as I mentioned in an earlier Sunday post, there is another big quilt show coming up in August.  I plan on taking a few Sunday's off between now and then, but hope to sprinkle in a few book reviews before the next show.

Today I want to share some applique and embroidered quilts.  I do not do a whole lot of applique and embroidery myself, but I really appreciate looking at the quilts completed by others.  I just can't imagine all the hard work (and hand cramps) that must go into some of these quilts.  Of course, there are machines now that do a lot of embroidery, but usually someone is still drawing the subject matter by hand.

The first quilt today is called "Roses for Mary" by Ken Berg of Port Orchard, WA and quilted by Joyce Ross.  It is the 3rd quilt that they have made together. The design basis was "Roses for Mary" by Jenny Haskins.  Densely embroidered rose stems and flowing ribbons adorn Jenny Haskins'.  Background roses were drawn and quilted freehand using embroidered flowers as examples.

"Roses for Mary" by Ken Berg of Port Orchard, WA

I really like the quilting.  Here is a close up.

detail of "Roses for Mary" by Ken Berg of Port Orchard, WA

And now for one of my favorites (probably because of the color).  This one is called "A Pocket Full of Paisleys" by Lorilynn King of Longmont, CO.

"A Pocket Full of Paisleys" by Lorilynn King of Longmont, CO

She says, "I decided to really learn my embroidery software.  All the paisleys are my own design.  My private name for the quilt is the LOUD quilt.  It originally was to be multiple bright colors but it was easier to do single colors when testing the embroidery.  I did a turquoise paisley, it told me THIS IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE!  It kept doing that through the whole construction process.  The end result is nothing like what I had in mind when I started!"

Well, have you ever had a quilt speak to you that way?

Thanks for reading today, I hope you were inspired.



  1. Beautiful quilts, Jen! Thanks for sharing all your photos from the show. I was so pleased to see your quilt in the Viewer's Choice group at BQF! I couldn't hit the vote button fast enough!!

  2. im intriegued by the paisleys, were they stitched onto the quilt? or stitched separately and then added? thanks for sharing


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