Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (14) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

Today's quilts are "innovative" in some way.

The first quilt started with a challenge fabric that was Oriental looking.  It is called Grandma's Stellar Array by Ann L. Petersen of Surprise, AZ.  She only used the green areas [of the challenge fabric] and added a mix of Civil War reproduction and fabrics that looked like that era to make a traditional quilt.  She says, "This was very far out of my comfort zone, but lots of fun."

"Grandma"s Stellar Army" by Ann Petersen of Surprise, AZ

I found it to be a pretty innovative use of fabric all around.  That cheddar in the center gives it so much texture, I thought she quilted the design.  And those tiny little star pieces are amazing, then you throw in the appliqued vines.  It's a pretty cool little quilt!

This next quilt is called "Determined to Use Those Scraps" by Claire Victor of Palm Springs, CA.  This quilt was started with scraps left over from another projects.  She was determined to use them all and only use other scraps and fabric from her stash.

"Determined to use those Scraps" by Claire Victor of Palm Springs

I really love the color (even the orange!), and I wish I could be as determined to use my scraps to make a show-worthy piece like this!

It seems no show is complete without a quilt made from unusual materials.  This one is called "YoYo 11" by Helen Remick and was part of the Reflections on Changing Technology exhibit.  She says, "As one technology replaces another, some things are preserved, others lost.  CD's in yoyos hold manuscripts, family history, rituals, and vacations."

"Reflections on Changing Technology" by Helen Remick

Talk about reuse/recycle!  There was also a collage on the back made from some of the images on the CD's, but darn it if I didn't get a picture of that!

Have you been innovative in some quilty way recently?  Tell us about it.

Next week, we wrap up this show with some embroidered quilts.

Thanks for reading today.  I hope you are inspired.



  1. Love the CD quilt, what a great idea, thanks for thinking of us as you went round!

  2. Another wonderful selection! I love the picture of the CD quilt, although I think I'd prefer the others in real life :)


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