Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vintage Holiday finish - WIP Wednesday

Vintage Holiday for the holiday
My attempt at a holiday setting for this pic
After months of staring at this one all pin basted and waiting for inspiration, I finally just sat down and started it.  I had too many ideas in my head and they just didn't go with one another.  I really wanted to quilt some snowflake looking things in that sashing.  I also wanted to do various gridlines in the white sections, but then I couldn't figure out what to do with the ornaments or the border.

Vintage Holiday front

In the end, I did paisley in the white background, stitched in the ditch around the sashing and with the lines of the ornaments, and added just some medium sized stippling in the border.  I think the quilt ended up pretty balanced in the end - the white background is the most dense area, but the ornaments with their minimal quilting and the naked sashing provided some really soft areas, and the border is somewhere in between.

Vintage Holiday close up

I went "easy" on the backing.  Initially I was going to use a few charm packs to make a patchwork square back, but I got lazy, I mean efficient.  After all, I had a whole bunch of yardage of those Christmas lights - what was I going to do with that if not back something!

Vintage Holiday back

Now for the tricky part!  Whom to give it to???  My short list is at least 6 people long.  The problem, of course, is that I only have one quilt.  :(  Note to self for next year: make more stuff!

This Wednesday......

Completed Projects:

On-going Projects:

AKA - "stuff I plan to touch this week or next".
  • How Far Will You Go? QAL - Time to piece my top together
  • Miscellaneous sewn gifties - started, but at this point, they may be New Year's gifties.
  • Star of Africa Bee - 2 blocks to start, one to finish up
  • Handstitched Medallion Quilt - quilting in progress.  It will be a long process.
  • I've joined a Winter Mug Rug Swap at the Crafty Gemini - an idea is sprouting.
  • Teacher's Gifts - almost finished.  The kids finally finished up their part of the project last night.  Now I need to sandwich and quilt a little to complete them.  

Back Burner:

These will likely be touched in a couple of weeks.
  • Beginner Quilt Along at Quilting Gallery - top needs to be put together. It is ridiculous that I haven't just slapped this one together
  • Charity quilt for the guild - not started.   
  • My Blue & White One Block Wonder - geez, this one just needs to be backed and quilted and it would make a great charity quilt.  I plan on just stippling it anyhow, why can't I get it done in the New Year?
The Back, Back Burner:

Lightning would have to strike twice.
  • Handstitched goodies - several small projects in limbo.  
  • Star Circles aka New York Beauty blocks - time is coming to get back to these

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1
New projects - 1
Currently in Progress - 5 - ish

Don't forget to link up any blocks you have been working on to yesterday's post!  The linky stays open for a whole week, so feel free to add them as you complete or wait for next Tuesday (or both)!

I am also noticing that things are starting to get a little crazy around here in preparation for the holidays - well, crazier than usual.  The kids will be out of school for the next two weeks, so my blogging (and sadly sewing) will likely be sporadic.  Don't think that I haven't forgotten about you.  I plan on spending some of my time planning for fun stuff for the New Year.  I hope you will join me in thinking of any quilty-resolutions you might have for the New Year.


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  1. Cute!! Love all the ornaments! Great job!

  2. That quilting is perfect Jen! I love how the ornaments pop.

  3. I love this quilt, and your quilting. Your ornaments look so good, and the quilting makes them stand out even more. It looks great. And kudos to you getting stuff done in December.

  4. Well done on your finish! It looks terrific! I really need to find that pattern! I want to make placemats with them!

  5. This quilt looks amazing! What a wonderful job you did with the quilting.

  6. Looks great and who ever gets it will be so lucky!

  7. It looks great Jen, the quilting is gorgeous!

  8. This is wonderful - and the perfect time to finish it :)

  9. Gorgeous finish and the quilting looks great!

  10. Very nice and lovely quilting!

  11. Nice! These make such pretty quilts. Love how you quilted it.

  12. Your quilting is beautiful and I am always a fan of 'efficiency'! Thwnks for linking up on my blog this week. Cheers, Karen

  13. Perfect quilting choice! Why not keep it for yourself?

  14. It's beautiful! I wouldn't blame you if you kept it…

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  15. It turned out beautifully. I love your fabric choices. If for some reason you really can't decide which one of the six people to give it to, I'd be glad offer myself as a tie breaker. : )


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