Friday, September 21, 2012

September Free Motion Challenge

The September Free Motion Challenge at Sew Cal Gal was a feathery wreath stencil.  Paula Reid had a great video on how to "fluff and stuff" those larger quilts into your DSM for quilting.  I always seem to struggle with this.

And, last month I said I needed some practice travel stitching, and boy did I get it this month!  I also got another try at those pesky feathers.  Although, with the stencil, they are much easier than free handing it.

I still have issues slowing down to travel stitch.  I think it is part of the core of who I am.  I am all "pedal to the medal" as Leah Day puts it.  I am always running around in life, rarely slowing down.  Even in golf, I am all power and no finesse.  It's hard to change a core personality trait.  I will have to work on it.

With this month's challenge I also got a chance to try out a few new things.  For instance, since this was a stencil, I tried out my new quilter's pounce that I got at the quilt show in Long Beach back in July.  Even with the darker fabric in this practice piece, I still had trouble seeing the pounce.  Adding to my difficulties, it was hot on most of the days I practiced, and the pounce made my hands a little sweaty, which in turn rubbed the pounce off.  Nice.  Thus one of the corners up there has an extra loopy thing.  Oh well.

Here is my finished piece for the month.

I set about making a block big enough to accommodate the stencil, and then realized I had no idea how I wanted to quilt the rest of the block.

So, I tried out a few more "new" things.  I went over to Leah Day's blog, The Free Motion Quilting Project, and got a few suggestions.  I tried "Snake Paisley" in the border.  My snakes tended to loose their wiggle as I echoed out.  And I am not coming to the right pivot point, instead I seem to be avoiding it all costs.  Hmmm, another personality trait perhaps?

I also tried her suggestion of stitching in the ditch with my free motion foot.  Clearly, I need more practice.  I had pressed all my seams open and this made it more difficult to actually stay in the ditch.  I was hoping out of there like crazy!

To finish things off, I also tried out Rachel from Stitched in Color's favorite zigzag binding.  I probably should have used a smaller zigzag.  I'm not sure if I like it or not.  I'll give it another go soon and then decide.

That's all I have for free motion for now.  I plan to have a big stack of quilts to quilt up next month, so I am sure I will get even more practice!

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  1. Love the traffic quilt, and am so impressed with the FMQ!!

  2. Your free motion quilting is beautiful. Nice finish!

  3. I think it is wonderful...great job on this.

  4. Well, we wouldn't have known you had problems if you hadn't told us cause it looks beautiful!

  5. I like both designs and I think they look great even if you did have problems with it. :)


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