Sunday, February 12, 2012

I may have a tiny addiction...

I'm not crazy, these are cute, right?

I think I might be addicted to mini's!  Seriously, last night I dreamed of mini's.  This morning the hubby took the kids out for a couple of hours, and in between loads of laundry, I couldn't help myself!  I sneaked down to  my sewing space and made a few more for my name game quilt.  These are the ones I made this morning, and I am especially proud of them because I "designed" them myself!  OK, OK, so the spool of thread wasn't that tough, but the tiny sewing machine??  I know, I'm tooting my own horn.

Hopefully, I can finish up all my mini's in the next few days and get the top finished.  More mini's to come!!!


  1. I think they are great and you have every right to be proud and excited about them. You are definitely not crazy.

  2. Wow! I love your tiny addiction as well as your enthusiam for quilting. I think your tiny sewing machine and the spools of thread are brilliant! I am quite delighted you ventured out of the closet to toot your own horn. Happy quilting!


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