Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best laid plans

Here I am, more than 32,000 feet above somewhere in Georgia, on my way to Florida to have a surprise visit with my Mom and Grandma and deliver a quilt that is taking up more than half of my suitcase! Thank goodness for wifi!

My original plan was to take the first flight out of Los Angeles so I could arrive at dinner time in Florida and really surprise my mom. My Grandma is in on the fun and told her that she had invited a guest (presumably from her writers group) to join them. Well, best laid plans are sure to go awry! My stopover on Atlanta was lengthened due to some mechanical issues. I will now be lucky to make it there in time for bed. Oh well!

At least with the inflight wifi I can catch up on all the other bloggers out there. I missed a lot the last few days! I just have to keep away from the online fabric shops and avoid shopping all the way to Florida!

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