Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Up a creek without a paddle...

Well, like many of you, I am behind in my preparations for the holiday. I spent most of the day out and about, trying to start my Christmas shopping. Yes, I said start. Luckily, I put a dent in my list. Unluckily, my travels left me very little time to sew today.

I did manage to finish a cute gift card holder. I have at least 3 more to make, and now that I know how, they should be quick. But, since I did not get further down my "to do" list, I am already considering plan B for some things. Do I really have time to make 24 felt mice candy cane holders? Can my dughter's classmates live with just the candy canes? Oh darn it, I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet...I'll give myself to 10:15 tomorrow morning to get at least half done, otherwise plan B it is. After all, I still have quilts to quilt and bind!

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