Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Still much work to be done

Today, I pulled out the quilt with the peacock fabric that I am making for my mother. I figured with the 2012 UFO Challenge right around the corner, I should start with the quilt that is the closest to being complete. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to see just how much I still need to do.  Working while my baby took a nap today, I managed to figure out where I was going with the quilting, made a plan, and I made the binding (the nap didn't last too long).  Perhaps tomorrow while she naps, I can resume the quilting process.  Nothing too fancy this time. While my mom wouldn't mind if her quilt wasn't soft, and she would probably actually appreciate the extra effort, I don't know if I want to belabor this project any more than I have too.  It would be nice to finish it and send it out the door!

Besides, I realized why I put the project away in the first place -- the fabric is so busy, I can barely look at it for too long.  You know how they say, "one mans trash is another man's treasure", well, once I am done with this quilt, I plan on gifting the remaining fabric to some lucky follower.  And there will be plenty......

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  1. Boy, I should have read the "rules" of the UFO challenge a little more closely. I am supposed to wait for Judy to pick a number first. Not that I will finish this one this week, but if I do, I have 13th project listed to take this one's place on the list.


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