Monday, December 19, 2011

Are you the type that makes things difficult for yourself?

Well, I definitely am! I've been struggling to finish my niece's quilt, baby sized mind you, for a couple of weeks. I finally got it sandwiched and all the in the ditch quilting done, but felt that the background of the appliqué blocks needed something.....did I choose an all over quilting design as the pattern suggested? Of course not! Each block needed its own special something. The upside is that I'm getting some much needed practice with free motion quilting. The downside is that I only have 3 blocks done (they do look nice, if I do say so myself). Only 9 more to go, plus the borders.

My kids are out of school this week, but it is really my 3 year old that is making sure that I get absolutely nothing done! And unfortunately, she wears me out so much that I am so tired tonight that my eyes are crossing from fatigue just typing this. I should be at my sewing machine, burning the midnight oil to make some progress, but alas I am going to bed.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

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