Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine in progress - WIP Wednesday

I've had my hands working on several projects during the last few days, but mostly I've just been puttering about.

I did finish up my Houses of San Francisco block.  Hooray!  Now I just have one more Star of Africa bee block to finish, and I'm happy to report that I know just what I am going to attempt.

Houses of San Francisco

For the last couple of days, I've been working on my Valentine for my DH.  If you remember, last year I went a little crazy and made him this mini, complete with the lyrics of one of our wedding songs.

For my Valentine

This year, I decided to go a little smaller by making a man-friendly mug rug.  What do I mean by "man-friendly"?   Well, the quilt above was pretty pink.  Not that pink threatens my man, but I'm sure he would prefer something less pink.

Valentine sneak peak

I kept the note in my own handwriting again.  I just like the personal touch.

Valentine Mug Rug in progress
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This design was one of those that was simple to sketch out, somewhat challenging to create the pattern, and a downright pain to piece.  But, it is almost done.  I just have a little more to my message, and I need to bind it.   Unless the plumber needs a lot of my attention tomorrow, I should be able to finish it up in time for sneaking it into his work bag on Friday morning.

Did you sew anything special for your sweetheart?

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  1. I really really love your San Franzisco Block :) and your valentine mini is so sweet!

  2. Your San Francisco houses are fabulous Jen. I can see why your Valentine mini would be a pain to piece but it looks great!

  3. What a lovely idea for a Valentine present :) I also love the raindrop fabric in your San Fran block - very clever!

  4. I love the bridge on your San Francisco block! The mug rug is so creative. It looks like it would be a pain to stitch, but the results are great.

  5. I LOVE your San Francisco block. The hubby and I went there for a quick trip a few years ago and we loved it there.

  6. Love your block! Good luck finishing up the mug rug. Super cute!

  7. The house block is fab, and both valentines ideas are really lovely, your FMQ writing is great but last year's much have taken ages !!!!!!

  8. For my boyfriend this year I made a reusable totebag out of one of his old shirts that got ruined. That mug rug is awesome! You should totally made a pattern! :)


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