Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (21) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

Today we have some lovely appliqued spring inspired quilts.

This first one was made near me!  It is called Nana's Garden by Phyllis (Peggie) Wormington of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (that is just up the hill from me).  She hand appliqued and machine pieced this beauty using Aunt Millie's Garden, a Piece 'o Cake design.

"Nana's Garden" by Phyllis (Peggie) Wormington of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

She says, "Piece o'Cake designed the applique (Aunt Millie's Garden) for this quilt.  I preferred a diagonal setting to the rectangular setting in the pattern, so redesigned the layout and created a new border design.  I had lots of fun selecting the fabric for the flowers and diagonal pieced sashing."

Check out that sashing!

"Nana's Garden" by Phyllis (Peggie) Wormington, close up

The next one is called "Ka-Bloom" by Linda Neustadt of Leland, North Carolina.  It is hand appliqued and pieced.  It also uses a Piece o'Cake design in the book, Stars in the Garden.

"KA-BLOOM" by Linda Neustadt of Leland, NC

She says, "My flower garden of vibrant and whimsical flowers explodes against a background of a variety of black and white fabrics."

"KA-BLOOM" by Linda Neustadt, close up

I just love the variety in the background fabrics, and the economy block border.

This one is called, "A Walk Through the Flowers" by Luann Bruce of Watertown, CT.  It is pieced, paper pieced, appliqued and braided.  It uses a Rose of Sharon applique with traditional rounds added.

"A Walk Through the Flowers" by Luann Bruce of Watertown, CT

Her statement, "My small Thursday night quilt group wanted to do a round robin.  I chose the Rose of Sharon block fro my center.  I picked 1930's reproduction fabrics because they are happy fabrics.  My quilting sisters built me an amazing quilt.  They used piecing, applique, braiding and paper piecing with a totally unique binding.  I hand quilted it using butterflies, dragonflies, and many different quilting stitches.  It was a work of love."

I do love the heart edges.

"A Walk Through the Flowers" by Luann Bruce, close up

Finally, "Dream Garden III" by Suzanne Sanger of Brevard, North Carolina.  It is machine raw edge appliqued, and an original design.

"Dream Garden III" by Suzanne Sanger of Brevard, NC

"The flowers depicted in this riotous garden are my imaginary versions of hollyhocks, lupine, asters, bellflowers and coleus.  I love gardening in my dreams.  All my dream flowers are in full bloom, healthy, unaffected by environmental conditions and weed free."

"Dream Garden III" by Suzanne Sanger, close up

I must admit I also garden in my dreams.  We don't have a yard, so that is the only gardening I get to do. As much as I love flowers, I dream of vegetables.

Do you dream garden?

I think next week we might take a break from spring, just briefly.

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  1. The pieced sashing in the first quilt is amazing, talk about making life hard for yourself!

  2. I'm with Fiona! As if that much appliqué wouldn't drive you nuts anyway to then add a sashing like that!!!! All quilts lovely to look at, but nothing I'll be trying any time soon!!!


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