Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 finishes - Fresh Sewing Day

Since I'm not really doing any monthly finish-alongs or UFO challenges, etc. this year, I thought I might be nice to resume Fresh Sewing Day.  I love making the little mosaics of my projects, and I think you might notice a few that I haven't shared yet too....

January 2014 finishes

1. Doll quilt turned wall hanging or sewing mat, 2. Doll Quilt Swap 14 finish, 3. tiny log cabin pincushions, 4. Les Amis zip pouch, 5. hello kitty zip pouch, 6. Untitled

I think my favorite project for the month was the rainbow NY Beauty Circle of Flying Geese.  I've heard from Benta that it has arrived safely, and that she likes it.  She isn't alone, my family members have put in orders for 2 more!  I'm not so sure I will be filing those orders, but it is nice to know that they are interested.

Also pictured are the first 2 zip pouches I have ever made.  I tried out the pattern with the Hello Kitty fabric first and my daughter quickly claimed that pouch for herself.  Then, I made the little Les Amis w/linen pouch (#4) for my DQS 14 partner as one of her "extras".

Finally, yes, that is a loaf of bread.  I've been watching the Artisan Bread Making Class on Craftsy, and finally gave it a try.  I've actually made 3 loaves so far and I must say the bread is pretty darn good.  The only trouble is that my family and I can't eat the bread fast enough.  Luckily, the class gives you a formula for figuring things out if you want to double, or in my case, half a recipe.  I will definitely be doing that next time.

So there it is, my Fresh Sewing Day for January finishes.  I can't wait to see what February brings.  I have a lot of WIP's at the moment, hopefully a few of them will get finished.

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  1. I would like to place an order for the NYB circle of flying geese too please ;) That is all kinds of awesome!! You had a productive month!

  2. Um, correction: Benta Loves, loves, LOVES her rainbow NYB flying geese circles FMQ doll quilt machine mat wall hanging, and still can't believe it's actually hers!!!!!! (And I love the other stuff you've made too, and can attest that the log cabin pin cushions are really cure!!!)

  3. Awesome projects. LOVE the NY Beauty/flying geese.

  4. Try Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (website and books)....then you can fix a loaf at a time and have dough ready to use for later.

  5. You do great work! Hope I can be as productive!

  6. Lovely Mosaic Jen, I think my son might like that bread making class will have to look into it!

  7. Gorgeous projects! Your organiser for Benta is completely amazing!

  8. Yes your rainbow geese are amazing! Love it all!


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