Sunday, February 2, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (19) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

While visiting Connecticut last week, I kept thinking about how my kids would look at the landscape and think that all the trees were dead.  To me, when I look at them I think of the trees as just taking a nap, storing up all that energy and ready to explode with spring the minute the time is right.  They are spring mines, ready to go off at any time (well, anytime in March in April); they are full of potential.  Today I thought I would share some of the quilts that were in the Spring exhibit.  After hearing how many of you are sick of the snow, I hope to remind you that spring will be here before you know it.

The first quilt is called "Brazen Blossoms" by Diane Melms of Anchorage, Alaska.  She pieced, fused appliqued, machine stitched, and hand dyed this original design.

"Brazen Blossoms" by Diane Melms of Anchorage, Alaska

She says, "Alaskan gardeners are passionate about color an our long summer days produce brilliant colored blossoms that are a contrast to our long white winter landscape.  This piece celebrates those Artic gardens with a playful arrangement of dancing fabric flowers that we can enjoy all winter long."

I'm sure those of you covered in snow can appreciate her sentiments.  It is bright and cheerful, isn't it?

This next one has similar colors, and is fun and vibrant.

It is called, "Flower Festival and All Things Living" by Stephanie Adams and Sheryl Schleicher of Kansas City, Kansas.  It is appliqued and straight line sewn.  The design inspiration is from Kim Schaefer's book, Flower Festival.

"Flower Festival and All Things Living" by Stephanie Adams and Sheryl Schleicher of Kansas City, KS

"My inspiration for this quilt was the eccentricity of the different flowers and living creatures within the quilt.  Because of its whimsy, I chose bright cheerful colors and stitching that represented who I am as a person as well as the quilt itself."

"Flower Festival and All Things Living" by Stephanie Adams and Sheryl Schleicher, close up

Can you see the quilting in the sashing?  It really gives a lot of texture, and I like how she quilted the background heavily, making the appliques really POP!  My girls really liked this quilt.  It is fun and whimsical.  Ready to make one for yourself?

I will have more spring inspired quilts next week.

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