Sunday, February 9, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (20) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

As promised, here are some more spring inspired quilts for those of you still covered in snow.  Today's selections are mostly art quilts, but I have plenty more spring inspired quilts that are pieced and appliqued coming up next week.

This first one is called "Iris in My Garden" by Marianne Williamson of Miami, Florida.  She used raw-edge applique, free-motion quilted, and painted this quilt.

"Iris in My Garden" by Marianne Williamson of Miami, FL

She says, "What is more spring-like than irises?  Inspiration came from the Japanese silks that I used for this stylized iris."

"Iris in My Garden" by Marianne Williamson, close up

Just look at all those little circles of thread!

Here is another quilt by Marianne Williamson of Miami, Florida, called, "Evening Garden".  It is raw-edge appliqued, threadpainted and painted.

"Evening Garden" by Marianne Williamson of Miami, FL

Her statement, "Tulips in a garden in May are the image that comes to mind when I think of spring.  I worked from images that I had taken when I was in Monet's garden near Paris."

I must admit when I saw that she created two springtime quilts with flowers that normally don't grow in Miami (way too hot), I was wondering where she got her inspiration.  I would gather that Monet's garden would be a spectacular place to be inspired!

The next quilt is called "Spring Stroll" by Sally Manke of Arcadia, Michigan.  She used confetti-cut fabrics layered under tulle, in the style of Noriko Endo.

"Spring Stroll" by Sally Manke of Arcadia, MI

Her statement, "A spring trip to New York City's Central Park provided the contrasting colors and textures for this work.  Recent rain coated the path with blossoms from the trees overhead and provided glistening reflections.  The vibrant magenta blooms contrasting with the textures of the tree bark and sidewalks were the inspiration for this piece.  We celebrate spring by enjoying the colors, smells and textures found in nature while within a huge city.  This art quilt depicts the beauty of springtime in bloom."

"Spring Stroll" by Sally Manke, close up

Which one of these quilts reminds you most of springtime in your area?

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  1. Saw my first snowdrops today, that is a definite sign of spring here!

  2. Stunning... I would LOVE to take a "Spring Stroll" right about now!

  3. Spring would be nice!!!! I can see that technically these are great, but not really my " cup of tea". Lovely to see though, thanks xx


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