Monday, November 12, 2012

Peacock Pride - art with the kids

For those of you who are new readers to the blog, I volunteer at my daughter's school as an art teacher.  Art was taken out of the curriculum due to budgetary issues and it is only through PTA funding and parent volunteers that our kids have art now.  We only have 6 projects each year, and I shared them with you last year and want to share this year's projects too.  I find these projects very inspirational, even though not all of them can be applied to the quilting arts.  Just search the label "art with kids" on the bottom right for last year's projects.  OR you can go to the official South Bay Hands on Art Blog!  Something I just discovered today.

My first attempt
Our first project this year was called "Proud as a Peacock" and is a project inspired by James Whistler's Peacock Room.  After introducing Whistler and his work, the students were asked to draw a peacock onto sandpaper using pastel crayons.  We went step by step, starting with ovals, then working out to the feathers.  The students LOVE the art lessons.

Here is my daughter with her peacock.

Even though you can't see her huge smile, she is proud as a peacock of her art.

So who wants to make a peacock mug rug?

I teach our next class on December 13th, a project inspired by Hannah Frank.



  1. This is great! I love the peacocks, and how special for you and your kids that you help in the classroom. Tell your daughter that I think her peacock is beautiful.

  2. As a teacher who is horrified every time something vital (such as art, drama, music...) is considered an unnecessary luxury and axed, I thank you for making sure these kids have exposure to part of what makes us emotionally healthy, compassionate, well-rounded and moral human beings! You are a rock star!!

    The peacocks are fabulous!

  3. Well done for for helping like that, home come art is seen as optional*


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