Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Fresh Sewing Day

October is over.  That just blows my mind!

I got quite a bit accomplished this month - some big finishes!  My Batik Stripe/"Sleeping Beauty", and my quilt for the Totally Groovy QAL (yes, technically it still needs to be mended).  I also had some fun blocks this month.

1. sashiko coasters, 2. Leaf table runner, 3. Batik stripe in focus, 4. Totally Groovy, 5. Groovy back, 6. 3 x 6 solids mosaic, 7. mosaicc622aaa0d425fe2aca04436e06c45899b21bb454, 8. Leaf Me Happy block 1.2, 9. Leaf Me Happy block 1.1, 10. HFWYG block 14, 11. October FMQ Challenge, 12. sept star of africa

I am quite satisfied with myself.  Insert pat on my own back here.

Thanks for reading today!


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  1. Dude! This is an awesome fun list of finishes! I think the leaf blocks are my favorite.

    I love your FMQ work. I just ordered a foot for my sewing machine, and I'm excited to finally give FMQ a try!

  2. Great mosaic, and well done for making it to the final 10 totally groovy QAL as well!

  3. I love the colours in your totally groovy - beautiful!

  4. You are definitely justified in giving yourself that pat on your back!

  5. I love your Totally Groovy quilt, the back is as gorgeous as the front. Think you deserve more than one pat on the back :)

  6. October went far too fast, either someone needs to give back the days I missed, or I'm sticking with October for another week or so!, you, however, had a very creative October, well done!


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