Thursday, January 5, 2012

Uhh-oh, a problem that may require retail therapy

I started cutting fabric for my Batik tile UFO yesterday, but didn't really get a chance to audition these fabrics on my design wall (aka living room carpet) until today.  All the fabrics looked fine together before I cut them, but I was looking at one blending to the other.  The pattern is a mix of blending colors and highly contrasting colors, and mine just didn't seem to want to cooperate, especially the contrasting ones.  When I laid them out in the blocks, it was obvious that there were a couple that just didn't seem right.  I did have a few "backups" that when I was cutting, I thought for sure wouldn't fit in, but I ended up liking them better when laid out in the pattern.  There is one color combination though, that still isn't right, and I can't live with the possibilities in my stash.  I think I am going to have to go shopping.  I think until I have the right mix, I think it might be best to put it aside.  Don't worry!  I won't be idle.  I have loads of other things to work on.

This is what the pattern calls for, though not this orientation.  This is only two blocks of each color combo. That bright green is definitely out

Now the "copper" seams too orange, and that block is supposed to have a light green contrasting fabric in it.

This is how I left it, but I still hate the combo in the lower left, and the orange still seems a little much to me.  What do you think?

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  1. Actually the orange pulls your eye in that direction. I love love batiks!!!


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