Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

My "Mom-cation" to the quilt show is over.  I am both happy and sad.  Happy to be home, but sad to be leaving such a great environment for learning and inspiration.

My class today on thread painting almost didn't happen.  Last night, I managed to break the pedal of my sewing machine and of course my machine doesn't have a "manual" mode other than just turning the knob on the side.  That probably would have made thread painting very slow indeed!  Somehow I sneaked into the show early to look for the Viking representative.  He said he has never seen someone break that particular part of their machine!  Well, if nothing else, I live to entertain others!  It wasn't something they could fix, and they didn't really stock that part for the show.  He was kind enough to open the pedal up so I could jam something in there to make the machine go.  So throughout my class today I actually sewed with one finger pushing a piece of plastic into the upturned pedal, and the other hand sliding my hoop of thread painting around under the needle.  It wasn't easy, but it sure beat missing out on the entire class!  And just think of how easy the technique will seem next time I try it and can use two hands!!!

I haven't taken any pictures of my finished work from today's class yet, but I will when I get the whole thing put together.

Here is a picture of my paper pieced star from Day 1's class with Carol Doak.  She is a great teacher and this is the California block from her 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars book

Not too bad, right?

I also took some pictures of the quilts in the exhibit that I would like to share.  I will post them when I have time to properly annotate them for this blog.  All of the quilts in the exhibit were marvelous!

I had a great time at the Road to California Quilt Show, and I can't wait to go back next year!  Who wants to meet me there?

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  1. I would love to meet you there!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend at the quilt show-- and you got to take some classes!! I love your paper pieced star block. Looking forward to seeing your thread painting creation-- glad yo were able to get your machine to be functional!! Also looking forward to seeing your quilt photos from the show :0)


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