Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road to California Tomorrow!!! and a journal cover for a friend

I am spending the evening packing for my trip to the Road to California Quilt Show.  I leave tomorrow on this "Mom-cation", and can barely keep myself from jumping in the car now and driving over!  I am so excited to be attending!!!  Not to mention, being kid-free for a couple of days.

Remember this tidbit?

Well, it is part of a notebook cover I made for my friend that is attending Road to California with me.  It is her first time taking classes at a quilt show, and I thought a notebook might come in handy.  I actually made two, one for me, one for her.  But, I'm giving her the better looking one!  Here's the finished product:

The engineer of this product needs a little more practice figuring out how to make it work AND look nice, but it will do.

Now, on to Road!

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  1. Jen, I just love my Road 2 CA notebook! It was so handy having something to take notes in. Plus I'll add to it in the years to follow. It will be fun to reflect back to what has been learned, and maybe forgotten : ) I hope to share many more quilting trips with you.


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