Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delighted and delusional

Day 2 of Road to California is under my belt, and it has been a fabulous experience!

Day 1's class with Carol Doak on paper piecing was fun and informative. I can really see that the paper piecing method is a good one to have in my arsenal. I will post pictures of my stunning star block when I return home. I am so happy I took this class.

Today's class was a beginner long arm class with Dawn Cavanaugh. Another fun class with tons of useful information, even for me who doesn't have a long arm! Probably the best part, or at least the most economical, is that I think it has given me a greater appreciation for my domestic sewing machine. I realized that I get quite a bit done with that thing! And, the stuff I struggle with at home now, I would struggle with on a long arm too.

I returned to my hotel room tonight and set up my little sewing machine, planning on finishing up my block from day 1, playing with a new foot I bought for tomorrow's class, and possibly piecing some more blocks for my Batik UFO. Before I got to the piecing, I managed to break my foot pedal and it is no longer operational. The bad news is that I need it for my thread painting class tomorrow!!!! The good news is that we are at a quilt show and there is a Viking dealer here. Say prayers that they are able to sell me a new pedal that I can use tomorrow! Otherwise, I may be learning the theory of thread painting.

So I sign off tonight delighted by all I have experienced in the last two days, a bit exhausted, and perhaps delusional in thinking it will all work out tomorrow. Time will tell....

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