Monday, January 9, 2012

Small Quilt Swap

Well, it has been a whole month since I joined blogland!  Honestly, if I knew there were such great things to read, and such encouraging people out there, I would have been here sooner!  Now that I read a few blogs every night, I am inspired!  I have sewn and quilted more in this past month than I think I did all of last year.  It is wonderful!  The hardest part, I think, is wanting to do it all!  Every time I read the blogs, there is a new swap or quilt-a-long that looks so great!  Last month, with the holidays, it was easier to exercise restraint.  But now, with the new year ahead, I am tempted!!

One of the swaps I have signed up for is a Small Quilt Swap at My Needle and Thread by Mary. It appealed to me because it was a SMALL quilt.  I figured a small one was doable.  Plus, the theme of "winter" sounded fun.  We don't really have "winter" here in this part of Southern California, so hopefully it will give me a chance to at least play with fabric.  Mary is still looking for more participants.  If you think this might be fun, check out the link above before the 15th.

On a different note, I didn't get much sewing time today.  The baby decided last night was a good night to have the stomach flu, so she was recovering today.  Thankfully, it seems to be a short-lived illness.  She is already feeling better.  Tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity to have some sewing fun!  I think it might be time to pull out my Batiks for that tile UFO.....


  1. I was excited to see that you joined Mary's quilt swap. I was in her last swap too and I loved it. It's so much fun to be able to share your quilting and to see what others come up with.

  2. I agree with your first paragraph whole-heartedly :-)


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