Saturday, January 7, 2012

I don't know who got more action tonight

I don't know who got more action tonight, my sewing machine or my seam ripper. I'm still not sure what happened, other than something went wrong. I try to make it a habit to check my tension whenever I put in a new bobbin, retread my needle, etc. I'm not sure if I forgot or what, but after quilting several blocks on the peacock quilt, I had one where the tension was all messed up. Of course, it was only showing on the bottom, so it wasn't until I was completely done with that block that I discovered it. I did a few more tension tests, which had strange results, so I figured the only solution was to replace the needle and retread everything. Magically, the new tension test showed I should be on my usual number for quilting. But now I have to rip out that entire block, and it's heavily quilted. Nice. I only got 1/4 of it ripped out and I needed to call it a night. My eyes were crossing. Ripping out takes longer than the quilting. Ugh.

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