Sunday, March 22, 2015

Inspirational Sunday (2) - via Road to California 2015

Hello!  For today's inspirational post I thought I would dive right into some of the special exhibits at Road to California, because they are my favorite to look at.

First up, the Wicked Cherrywood Challenge.

Wicked Challenge w/Cherrywood Fabrics

In this challenge, the participants had to complete a 20 x 20 mini quilt, with the theme from the Wicked musical, oh, and a very limited color palette (using Cherrywood fabric).

Wicked Challenge w/Cherrywood Fabrics - Road to CA 2015

The results are dramatic!

Wicked Challenge with Cherrywood Fabrics

And I love how different they all are!

Wicked Challenge w/Cherrywood Fabrics

The next group of quilts are just a couple from the "Celebrate the Day with Quilts" exhibit.  In this exhibit 53 artists came up with 72 quilts that interpret some "special days" that might make it onto your calendar.

This quilt is called "National Tooth Fairy Day" by Bunnie Jordan.

"National Tooth Fairy Day" by Bunnie Jordan

Who wouldn't want to celebrate losing a tooth by getting a quilt like this?

I only snapped a few of these as the crowd was thick on the day I went to the show.

This one is called "DNA Day" by Renelda Peldunas-Harter.

"DNA Day" by Renelda Peidunas-Harter

I learned that April 25th is a significant day in the history of DNA discoveries, and here I just thought it was a few days after tax day.

This one is called "Nerd Pride Day" by Kathy Lincoln.

"Nerd Pride Day" by Kathy Lincoln

So the next time May 25th rolls around, make sure to hug the nerd to your right and left.  I just love the pocket protector included in the quilt!

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  1. Oh Jen, what fun quilts! A friend's son was in wicked - in the west end of London, "The" Wicked! He was the head monkey! A group of us went to see it and he took my girls and a few others back stage before the show!!!!

  2. An amazing selection of quilts of all kinds! Seriously those Wicked ones...Amazing!

  3. Those Wicked quilts are stunning Jen, what fabulous interpretations of the theme!


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