Sunday, March 15, 2015

Inspirational Sunday (1) - via Road to California 2015

Based on my little poll last week, it sounded like you guys would like to see Road to California first, then QuiltCon second.  I hear ya!  QuiltCon did get a lot of social media attention, so perhaps a little break is in order.

So here they are....the first quilts I am sharing from Road to California 2015 have a rainbow theme.  I guess I just feel rainbowish at the moment since I am working on a few rainbow items (none as gorgeous as these!).

The first quilt is called "Color Fondue" by Swan Sheridan of Vail, AZ

Color Fondue by Swan Sheridan of Vail, AZ

She says, "This quilt was an opportunity to use simple applique in a study of color and value.  The goal was to create a piece that was exciting both for the interaction of a variety of fabrics and the experience of texture achieved through a dense quilting process, changing thread throughout the project to better emphasize the value change. The quilting of each block is tied together by the connecting "rivers" that draw the viewer through the quilt."

Check out the cool quilting in the borders.

close up of "Color Fondue" by Swan Sheridan of Vail, AZ

The next quilt is called "Starlette" by Cheryl L. See by Ashburn, VA.  I waited for about 10 minutes for the crowd to thin out enough to snap one picture!

Starlette by Cheryl L. See of Ashburn, VA

Cheryl says of her quilt, "Starlette was inspired by a larger quilt I made called Star Struck.  It is entirely made by hand using English Paper Piecing, applique, trapunto, embroidery, and hot fix Swarovski crystals.  It is reversible with the back having woven appliqued bias strips in a triangular pattern.  Includes 4,582 hexagons, 335 circles and 192 ovals."

I'm not sure if it was "Starlette" or "Star Struck" that I've seen on Pinterest, but I can tell you, seeing this quilt in person is just amazing.  Pictures do not do it justice.  It won "Best Use of Color"

The next quilt is called, "Square Dance" by Marge Holtz of Alexandria, VA.

"Square Dance" by Marge Holtz

Marge says, "I love color...bright, bold, daring color.  Color is beautiful.  Color makes me happy.  Color is joy.  Color is like a magnet; it draws me in; it demands to be used.  It is enticing; it is inspiring.  I willingly submit to the energy color emits.

"Ideas comer from anywhere and everywhere.  Color will likely be the spark that demands my attention, but after color, shape, design, and motif beckon.  The heart of it all is color - vibrant, breathtaking, joyful color.  Color is my muse.

"I dare to dance with color."


Here is a close up view.

"Square Dance" by Marge Holtz

I do love the color.

I hope you will come back next Sunday to see more quilts from Road to California 2015.  Does anyone have a specific request for a type of quilt for me to share?

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  1. That Color Fondue quilting is amazing! All of these quilts are. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are my favourite - lovely and bright


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