Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (16) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

Today, I continue to share some paper pieced beauties from the show.  However, you won't see any New York Beauties or Mariner's Compass today.  Paper piecing is so versatile, it can be used by both modern and traditional quilters.

This first quilt is called "Trajectory" by Megan Dye of Portland, Oregon.  This original design is paper pieced and straight line quilted.

"Trajectory" by Megan Dye of Portland, OR

Oh, I want to make one!

The quilter's statement, "This quilt was inspired by the mid-century modern boomerang design motif.  For me, modern quilting is often a fresh interpretation of classic design.  The idea of a boomerang was appealing because it suggest this notion of coming full circle and returning to the original source.  The colors were chosen to reflect both a vintage and modern aesthetic and dense straight line quilting keeps the design simple and clean."

This next quilt is called "Bedazzled" by Lois Sprague of Oceanside, CA.  It is paper pieced and embellished.

"Bedazzled" by Lois Sprague of Oceanside, CA

"Based on a traditional Pineapple block, this quilt is considered a contemporary piece with its use of color, crystals and fabric beads.  My inspiration for this piece was the struggle to fit in and find my niche in the quilting world.  I realized I was neither traditional nor contemporary, but a combination of them both.

I bet most of us feel that way.

This next quilt is called "Carrie's Happy Birdday Quilt" by Phyllis (Peggie) Wormington and Russ Clelland of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  It features machine foundation piecing and machine quilting.  The design source is Margaret Rolfe's Origami Cranes.

"Carrie's Happy Birthday Quilt" by Phyllis Wormington and Russ Clelland of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The quilter's statement, "Our daughters Carrie and Tricia folded hundreds of these paper origami cranes when they were children.  When I saw this Margaret Rolfe pattern more than 10 years ago I knew I needed to make this quilt for each of them.  I redesigned the pattern for speed cutting and speed piecing and made two of these quilts in two months.  Carrie received this one on her 40th birthday."

"Carrie's Happy Birthday Quilt" by Phyllis Wormington and Russ Clelland, close up

I can only imagine how many different fabrics she used to make 2 of these quilts.

Do you paper piece?  Do you make traditional or modern designs? Or are you like Lois, and fancy yourself a bit in between?

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  1. I have sewn the Trajectory design and it is lovely. It looks fabulous in mixed prints with solids or repeating the same fabrics through out. PP is fun and allows for some amazing ideas to come to fruition, the Origami Cranes quilt is a perfect example.
    I'm an inbetweener when it comes to the styles.

  2. Two of the Origami Cranes quilts in two months, my head is spinning :)

  3. You've picked 3 wonderful quilts!! I'm an in between quilter, not quite traditional, but I wouldn't call myself modern either. Trajectory does look like a fun quilt to make.

  4. Ooh. I LOVE the boomerang one. I think I'd like to make one too. :)

  5. Great quilts! I especially love the boomerang one, and how complex and simple it looks at the same time. And how beautiful are those origami cranes? Thanks Jen

  6. Lovely to look at, but I'm not very good at making PP blocks! Thanks for the fab pics xxx


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