Thursday, January 16, 2014

I love mail! - DSQ14 received

For quite a while, my opinion of going to the mail box was rather low.  I mean, people don't really write actual letters to friends anymore.   And unless it is your birthday or a major holiday, cards are few and far between.  So that just leaves bills and junk mail.  UNTIL, I started swapping and participating in bees.  The experience has changed my whole outlook on the trip to the mailbox.  I might not be exaggerating when I say it has put a spring in my step!

And why not, when there may be a package waiting for me with such goodies as these:

package received from my DQS14 partner!

I received ALL this from my fabulous partner Katie in the Doll Quilt Swap 14!  She blogs over at Karma Willow Designs, show her some love by checking out her wonderful blog.  Go on, I'll wait.

quilt received from my DQS14 partner

In addition to the gorgeous doll quilt you see above, she also included a few goodies for my girls (or were those my little ponies for me??), some wonderful heart and seahorse fabric (which I adore!), washi tape (always handy), chocolate (some of it disappeared before my eyes before I was even done photographing), and an adorable owl bucket full of some much needed charm squares (darn fabric diet)!  She also sent the most genuine note, I just loved it and will treasure it.

Extra goodies received from DQS14 partner

I mentioned in a thread in the swap that I was working on a project that required some red w/white squares and some white w/black squares, and just look how many she sent me - there are at least 70!  And not one of them is a repeat of something that I already have!  I am over the moon, Katie.

Just what do I need these for?  Well, they are turning into these......

The start of a red hexy project

My new hand project involves hexies and lots of them!  I will actually be using several colors but the red and the white ones are the ones I am starting with.  I must say, Katie's charm squares are such a blessing.  I almost have enough red ones (now, with Katie's additions), but I am seriously lacking in the white w/black category.  This fabric diet is already testing me!  Luckily, this new project involves enough hexies, that I will probably still be working on it in 6 months when the diet is over.

By the way, day 16 of the diet and I haven't bought a single scrap of fabric or a Craftsy class.  I have walked out of Joann's with $200 worth of "stuff" but no fabric, and bought several new crafting books and patterns.  What can I say?  Spending habits die hard.

Thanks for reading today (and an extra big THANK YOU to Katie!),



  1. Lucky you - this is a very nice doll quilt :) Day 16 and all I've purchased are boots (being returned=didn't fit) and bathing suits (still waiting for them to arrive so I can pick one and send the others back) but no fabric! Aren't we doing well ??

  2. What a wonderful package! The Instagram destash last night did in my fabric diet. I'm completely off of the wagon. If you need more squares let me know. I don't have a ton of white with black but is be happy to send a square of the ones I do have.

  3. I would be stalking my mailbox for goodies like that! Lucky you!,

  4. What a great mail day! I am proud to say that I have not bought fabric for 12 days, and I have walked away more than once. Woohoo for us! I am looking forward to seeing your hexie project.

  5. So glad to see that all those charms will be going to good use. Those ponies were ment for the girls (if you want to share) but if you keep them for yourself I wouldn't blame you (they are my 2 favories from that wave -- the princess and the boy pony). As a part of the fabric diet I know how hard it is and thought you would love that seahorse fabric. The destash on IG did me in yesterday because I found an item that I knew I would break for and I don't feel one bit bad about it -- how often does one get the opportunity to buy something on the dream fabric list for a great deal (Kate Spain layer cake of Central Park). I'm going to restart my diet right away and hopefully not get distracted again.

  6. Great swap package Jen and congrats on keeping to your fabric diet!

  7. What a fab package!!!!! The hexies look great, what's the plan ?

  8. Yeah for you for getting happy mail. Katie is a sweetheart and we've bee following each other for a little while now. That is mail that I'd surely like to receive too.


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