Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quilt show classes - Trial and Error Tuesday (vacation edition)

It is that time!  Time to register for classes for the Road to California Quilt Show in January.  Registration actually started Sunday.  I am all set to be there from Wednesday through Friday, and I am already filled with anticipation!

If you are a beginner quilter, I highly recommend attending a class at a quilt show.  "Why?", you ask.  Several reasons:
  • Because the shows are big events, they can draw in teachers from around the globe that your local quilt shop or guild might not have access to.
  • When you are not in your class, you can tour the fabulous exhibits which are full of awe and wonder, and can't help but inspire you
  • You might make a friend
  • You might make 2 friends
  • Shopping opportunities abound (if you are into that sort of thing).
  • You will learn SOMETHING, and it might not be what you expected
  • Uh, it's fun!
Did I mention that I am already filled with anticipation?  I really can't wait!  If you are anywhere close to California, consider coming to the show.  It is fabulous!!!!!  And, I would love to meet up with you!

If you are wondering what happened to the Beginner's Quilt Along progress, I will resume making blocks as soon as I return from vacation.  Who knows, you might even get more than one since I need to do a bit of catching up!

Are any of you planning on attending the Road to California Quilt Show?


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  1. okay, so you totally have me considering this. I was thinking about a quilt show trip but you may have been the push I needed to really and truly think about it. Still in the early dreaming/starting to plan stages, but seriously considering going to this one. Thanks for the encouragement.


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