Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jewels - WIP Wednesday

The Embroidery portion of my Handstitched Medallion Quilt is D-O-N-E, Done!  My word, it took a while! 
Sorry it is wrinkled, I just couldn't wait to snap a pic as soon as I finished the last jewel!
Each of those little jewels took about 2 hours, IF I wasn't distracted, which is rare.  I am now working on the Step 3, the paper pieced Storm at Sea blocks.  I'm doing them by machine in an effort to catch up and am almost done.  I have also completed the border that goes with them to complete this step.  Step 4 is a little applique and more machine piecing, so I am hoping to finish that step up by next Wednesday.  Then, it sounds like Step 5 is really time consuming - the hand quilting!  I know it sound daunting, but I can't wait to see what this quilt looks like when it is done - I absolutely love each addition when I complete it.

As you saw yesterday, I am all caught up on the Beginner's Quilt Along at Quilting Gallery.  That's a good thing!

So I am almost back to my typical state of chaos!  This Wednesday......

Completed Projects:
  • Embroidery portion of Handstitched Quilt
  • Reverse Applique T-shirt as part of Handstitched Class - pic on Friday
On-going Projects:
  • Handstitched goodies, including the class quilt.  These are my top priority as I am still behind in the class, and there are so many neat projects to choose from.
  • Design something for the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop - my stop is in September, but at my pace, I better get started soon.
  • Vintage Holiday Quilt Along - actually starts August 6th.  I have fabrics picked out, and the blocks look REALLY easy.  Two blocks a week shouldn't be too hard.
  • Totally Groovy Quilt Along - I bought fabric for this one, so I might as well attempt to do it!  It also starts in August, with the sewing beginning mid-August.
  • Beginner's Quilt Along Block 8
  • July Free Motion Challenge!!!!  Gotta get this one done!  It looks so fun.  I have my sandwich ready to go, I just need to do a bit more practice first.

Back Burner:

I've taken most of the previous projects out of here and just left the ones that I think I might work on sometime between now and the end of the year.  You'll notice a theme, "waiting for quilting".  That's because I haven't yet figured out what I am going to do about a new machine yet.  A few of these projects could easily be done with Big Brother, but some of the bigger ones I am hesitant about.  For example, the Batik Stripe Quilt is one of my favorites so far and I really don't want to mess it up!  Plus, Big Brother has an even tighter throat space than Ms. Kitty, so the bigger quilts are more difficult on him.
  • Batik Stripe Quilt - still sandwiched and ready to be quilted!

  • Thank you quilt for Ashley's teacher - awaiting quilting

  • Red, White, Blue New York Beauty - piecing in progress
  • Urban Nine Patch Tablerunner - sandwiched and awaiting quilting
  • June UFO - "A Christmas Something for myself" - English paper piecing in progress.  It will be a table runner of hexagons.  This is the hand project I keep in the car, so I will do a little at a time, but progress is slow.
  • July UFO - tile batik quilt - piecing in progress

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 2
New projects - 3
Currently in Progress - 6-ish

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  1. What incredibly beautiful projects! I love your color choices and patience for quilting!

  2. I have been handstitching & embroidery for yonks (bq-before quilting) excellent stitches, colours and design. Your other projects are wonderful too. Do you need a well-done??? Relax you are not in a race...


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